By Iain A MacSween

The first thing that hits you as you walk up the stairs from ‘Events’ to ‘Arriba’ is the aroma.  It’s amazing!
And when you actually enter the new gift shop, your senses are primed to the max by all the varied scents scattered around the room.
Gaina Owen, who runs ‘Arriba’, says that customers downstairs are often lured upstairs (Arriba is Spanish for upstairs) by the enticing smells emanating from above.
“I’ll hear people commenting on the smell, and the next thing I know they’re in the shop in front of me,” she laughed, as she filled us in on the new venture.
The brainchild of premises owners Amy and Iain Macaulay, ‘Arriba’ is a treasure trove of all things to do with soaps and smells.
One side of the shop is taken up entirely with ‘BOMB’ branded products – from essential oil soaps to decorative bath bombs that look like cupcakes.  And the latter, in particular, have proved very popular.
“Schoolgirls will come in after school and go through them all,” said Gaina.
“They’ll mark out which one they want to buy with their pocket money for that week.
“It’s very cute to see, as they would normally be going for comics or treats, but the bath bombs are only around the £2 mark so they can afford them.”
‘Arriba’ also stocks shaving and sensitive skin items for men, to give them something to purchase while the ladies browse around the scented products.
And the shop is ideal for a wife or girlfriend’s birthday, as it stocks a full range of gift packs.
Customised gift packs can be made up in the shop, which also sells a range of bags and purses.

“To be honest I’m a bit taken aback at how popular our scented products have become, as I didn’t think that many people had baths anymore.  I thought it was all showers,” said Gaina.
“But we are selling out and re-ordering constantly, and that’s very encouraging for us.”
She added that the shop will gladly look into ordering specific items that may not be in stock, and anyone with such requests should get in touch on Facebook

First published October 7th 2015