The Western Isles might be as far from the “Rat-Race” as you could hope to get, but life, wherever you are, can be stressful and those mental and physical batteries need recharging.   

Luckily for Western Isles there’s a perfect solution – a quiet haven of alternative therapy and beauty treatment designed to help you tackle the world feeling fresh and re-set. 

Bliss Therapy, tucked just behind Cromwell Street, has evolved over the last 10 years in the careful hands of islander Lynda Martin, who swapped a career in Gaelic teaching and TV for a life in complementary therapies. 

“Life often doesn’t allow time to stop and look after yourself – you have to make that time,” said Linda, who is originally from Melbost, Borve in West Lewis.  “Hopefully people who visit Bliss Therapy will feel the benefit of looking out for yourself a bit and taking some time out for yourself.”   

Lynda began her training in Windsor before spending time at a large spa in Glasgow which gave her the confidence to strike out on her own.  She has now has now built up a long list of qualifications in many well – and lesser - known therapies.   

A trained masseur, Lynda offers traditional and hot stone massage, aromatherapy sessions, Indian head massage, reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy.  She also now offers also a lesser known but ancient treatment known as Cupping Therapy which she’s keen to promote following excellent feedback.  Dating back thousands of years to Chinese and Egyptian times, Cupping sees therapists placing special glass, wooden or earthenware cups on the skin for several minutes to create suction.  It serves many purposes, proving particularly helpful with chronic pain, inflammation, circulatory conditions, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage. 

“It’s basically the reverse of traditional massage,” said Lynda.  “Instead of applying deep pressure into the skin it stretches the tissues up and out.  People have reported amazing results.” 

Lynda also practises acupuncture, another ancient technique involving the careful insertion of fine needles in pressure points that is believed to influence the flow of energy in the body promoting healing. Bliss Therapy also offers beauty therapies including facial treatments, lash & brow treatments including tinting, waxing, make-up, and spray tanning.  She no longer offers manicure or pedicures.   

Lynda is now looking to take her work out into the community with special group sessions “I'm currently looking into starting some community acupuncture sessions where I could treat small groups of clients at the same time, making it more affordable for them,” she said.  “  

Anyone wishing to visit Bliss is advised to make an appointment well in advance to avoid disappointment.