A homely and comfortable bed and breakfast isn’t all that’s available at Ravenstar B&B in Vatisker, Back, as owner and natural therapist Jane Eastwood offers treatments in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, and Reiki.

Known as Natural or Complementary Therapies, the treatments all work holistically by treating the individual as a whole entity – body, mind and spirit.

“When we are in a state of ‘dis-ease’ it is because somehow we have lost the balance between body, mind, and spirit,” said Jane.  “Natural therapies work by restoring the balance and bringing us back into our true alignment.”

Jane has been practicing her Natural Therapies for 12 years, since she and husband Dave moved to Lewis and established Ravenstar B&B.  And now the couple are busy converting a room at the B&B to provide a dedicated treatment room for Jane to work from.

Treatments are available to all and can be delivered at Ravenstar – although Jane does highlight that there is no wheelchair access – or she can come to treat clients in their own homes.

Offering a ‘very relaxing’ treatment, Indian Head Massage has been practiced for hundreds of years and is still a common part of the service in Indian barber shops today.

“The Massage itself focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms and is a very relaxing therapy which helps to reduce stress and anxiety,” said Jane, adding that it can help improve circulation, reduce muscle pain, increase lymphatic drainage, and improve mobility.

Reflexology has been practiced in China, Egypt and India for thousands of years and works by stimulating nerves in the body via the reflex points on the soles of the feet.

“It is a therapy which has many benefits, including improvement of the circulation, stress reduction, relaxation, cleansing the body of toxins and generally balancing and revitalising the individual,” Jane explained.

“Even if the person does not suffer from a specific condition, a Reflexology treatment is a good way to relax, de-stress and re-balance.  Think of it as good maintenance.”

Literally meaning ‘Universal Life Force’, Reiki natural therapy is of very ancient origin, rediscovered in the 1870s by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan.

Jane, a member of The Reiki Association, said: “The life force energy is found in all living things.  Reiki practitioners learn how to channel this energy through their hands to the client.  This activates the body’s ability to heal itself and brings about balance within the individual.

“The energy goes to the root cause of the ‘dis-ease’ and helps people to take responsibility for their lives, health and well-being.  The person receiving Reiki becomes the healer for themselves.”

“Reiki encompasses all religions and may be used on all living things,” Jane added.  “It is a means of channelling love which is the greatest healer of all.”

And Jane also hopes in the near future to share her Reiki experience and tutor others in the art of this most ancient natural therapy.

To book a Therapy Treatment with Jane, or find out more information, contact her on 01851 820517, mobile 07940044757, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.