Alice and Jade Starmore spent three years creating their latest work, Glamourie, officially launched in New York in January and now available to buy on-line.

Glamourie is a Scots word meaning a charmed condition in which everything is invested with magical properties and possibilities. 

In this book, Alice Starmore leads readers into the realm of Glamourie and – like the witches of Gaelic folklore – casts spells with needles and a single thread. 

Taking her daughter Jade's supernatural stories as inspiration, she uses the art of hand knitting to bewitch and bedazzle, and illustrates the tales with elaborate costumes and accessories that portray fanciful and extraordinary ideas.

While the first half of the book is an unrestrained flight of fancy, the second half contains full instructions for knitting beautiful garments based upon each costume.  By developing each of these patterns from its associated costume, Alice shows how her imagination led her from the initial inspiration through to the final design.

For Alice and Jade, the final stage of Glamourie was to take their creations back out into that landscape to be photographed.  They trekked to special locations, far off the beaten track, and Jade's spectacular photographs depict both the sweeping panorama and the minute detail of their beloved native isle.  

“Three years in the making, this combination of photography and fable, of highly conceptual design and practical instruction, will enchant not only knitters but also those in the fashion and costume world and readers fascinated by Scottish and Gaelic legends,” they say.

Alice Starmore (née Matheson) is a professional needleworker, photographer and author of books on needlework, born in Stornoway.  She learned knitting and created her own designs by the age of five. In 1975 she produced a knitwear collection that was sold in London boutiques.  With her husband Graham and more recently daughter Jade, she founded and runs Windfall Press, which began with knitting titles but also publishes other work.