A new business service being launched on Wednesday January 9th seeks to match people looking for live music with the musicians who can make their event go with a swing.

Wee Studio Entertainment is the latest idea from musician and sound specialist Keith Morrison, continuing his quest to invigorate the island music scene while giving as many musicians as possible a chance to make their music work.

Keith has a few precious weeks before his next major booking – a month-long tour of the USA’s east coast with the band Heron Valley, which starts at the end of February. He’s chosen to fill the time setting up a service that fills a need he’s acutely aware of.

He said: “There’s a massive disconnect between people needing music – say for a wedding or other event – and bands trying to get gigs. Neither of them know how to reach each other and, with a reduced pub music scene nowadays, people don’t get the chance to hear musicians and think ‘that’s who I want for my wedding’.

“A lot of people ring me and I give out numbers, only to find them saying ‘I tried them, I couldn’t get hold of them.’ It becomes a time-consuming and frustrating business and bands are missing out on gigs because of it.

“What I am proposing is a non-exclusive agency service. I am offering bands a chance to sign on to my roster and to prepare everything that people need to find them and want to book them – promo videos, biographies and a guide to their fees. Once I have all that I’ll open a website where people can search for a band and decide what kind of music they would like.”

Despite all his other commitments, Keith is confident he can run the service from anywhere he happens to be. “The only contact I will have with the band is to say ‘Do you want a gig on this date?’ It’s all phone-based so I can do it from wherever I am.”

Keith hopes the new service will benefit everyone – getting gigs for bands, getting bands for people who want live music, saving time for everyone and encouraging bands to get themselves organised with all the tools they need for self-promotion.

He’s also hoping it will boost the pub live-music scene, as he can also help venues to fill nights when they want acts throughout the year.

Any musician or band who wants to join the Wee Studio Entertainment roster should contact Keith via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or at Wee Studio on Rigs Road, Stornoway.