There's something relaxing about the newly-opened Hebridean Barbers in Point Street.


Maybe it's the warm welcome from joint-owners, Jessie Ann Maciver and Naomi Mackinnon. Or it could be the complementary tea and coffee offered to the duo's customers.  It might even be the play area, designed to keep children amused and parents relaxed.


Naomi reveals: "We thought there was something missing in a lot of barber shops.  They weren't offering hot drinks.   They didn't have anywhere for children to run around and have fun.  We want to make the whole experience relaxing for children and parents."


The new shop opened its doors on June 3.   The venture unites Naomi and Jessie's combined 39 years of experience in barbering. After working for 17 years together in Men Only on Church Street, the pair decided it was time to open their own shop together.  "We know each other inside out," smiles Naomi.  


"We were in my garden having a red wine each and the idea of owning our own place just came up in discussion!  We can blame the wine!"


"Having our own barber shop has reignited how much we love our job and how much we love people," enthuses Jessie.  "The hours pass so quickly!"


Naomi and Jessie found their ideal premises in Point Street and most of May was spent levelling the floors, taking back the walls and kitting the premises out to form their welcoming barber shop.

The duo offer all the basic services, including cuts, washes and blow dries.  "We also offer beard oils, which condition the beard," explains Naomi.  "It's a natural conditioner for the skin and hair, which can help with the beard's growth and thickness.  A lot of men find they get really itchy after their beard grows past a certain point, but this really helps them out."


Products are available for customers who suffer from scalp problems.  "We have a gel treatment we use," Jessie reveals.  "After washing the hair, we apply the gel to treat the scalp.  It can also help eradicate dandruff.  We want to use the best products."


Jessie and Naomi are keen to welcome all customers into their inviting new premises.  "We especially chose this shop in Point Street because people with wheelchairs can come in easily," Naomi says.  "We witnessed a man with a wheelchair enter the shop without any problems.  We also had a mum with a double buggy get through the door with no bother.  That made us really happy as we want everyone to feel they are needed, wanted and very valuable to us."


The duo sum up the Hebridean Barbers mantra, saying: "We want all our customers to feel comfortable, welcome and happy – in a nice, chilled environment with really great products!”