The CalMac ferry terminal in Tarbert is to undergo significant development to accommodate a larger ferry next year. 

The new 'dual fuel' ship will be approximately 330ft long and capable of 16 knots with space for 127 cars or 16 HGV’s or a combination of both and up to 1000 passengers. 

The ferry is designed to operate on either marine diesel or liquefied natural gas (LNG), where benefits will be gained by a marked reduction in CO2 and sulphur and nitrous oxide emissions. 

An Environmental Impact Assessment screening request has just been submitted to the planning department of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, outlining what changes are envisaged. 

It reads: “This development requires dredging, pier extension and reconstruction, installation of fendering, an increase in the marshalling area and an upgrade to the substation, linkspan and  

The existing pier will be extended to the south east of the current structure, this will require driving steel piles into the underlying rock head.  The existing concrete dolphins will be broken down to the level of the new deck, and tied into the new reinforced concrete slab.  Bollards, surface drainage, lighting and power will be installed. 

The existing pier will also be reconstructed to accommodate the extension and new fendering system. This will involve breaking out the edge of the existing reinforced concrete deck before installation a new reinforced concrete deck, and quay edge over the existing structure. 

New steel piles will also be installed into the underlying rock head.  New bollards, surface drainage, lighting and power will also be installed to the existing pier. 

The current waiting room of the existing Terminal Building will need to be demolished in order to accommodate these works. 

To compensate for this the existing terminal will be extended to the north of its existing footprint, into the area currently utilised as CalMac Ferries Limited staff parking. The marshalling area will be extended and tied into the existing marshalling area and linkspan approach.